Cycling Istria - where u can get useful information

Cycling Istria is a site that offers you the most information about cycling in the Slovenian and Croatian Istria and their hinterland.
Our vision is very simple. We wish to show the natural beauty of the Slovenian and Croatian Istria, and the hinterland, to as much people as possible, because we believe that there is no need to travel far to experience wonderful moments.
Do you know the best part is? This type of experience is available all year round, whatever the time of year.

In addition to the wonderful bike trips and tours, we also provide bicycle rental, rental of accessories and guided tours.

Our mission was inspired by domestic as foreign tourists, who have rented our bikes and came back with beautiful memories and happy moments when cycling in our region.
Thanks to their enthusiasm for our surroundings, nature, villages and riding our bikes, now you can get the same, if not better experience.

You can check our bikes, with descriptions and photographs, on the link above (Bicycle renting).
To facilitate the decision "where and when" we have prepared a list of bicycle tours (Cycling in Istria), and if you still hasitate, than wisit our gallery where you can see the beauty of nature and architecture that will surround you during cycling.

We live in a beautiful country where is sufficient only "a mile" to takes us to the "whole new world". It would be a shame to miss out.