Minimum prices...

...for maximum fun

Affordable prices for maximum fun

Despite the fact that all the bikes in our offer are well-equipped, with aluminum frames, and excellent geometry for pleasant cycling, our prices are very affordable.
Why? Simply because we want to offer pleasant cycling trips to as much people as possible.

In addition to rent bicycles and electric bicycles for adults, we also offer bike rentals for children, helmets, seats and trailer for children, and lights for night cycling.

Bicycle rental price list:

- 1h: 3 €/ bike
- Up to 12h: 15 €/ bike

- 1h: 4 €/ bike
- Up to 12h: 20 €/ bike

- Up to 12h: 35 €/ bike

Safety and additional equipment rental price list:
- Helmet: 2 € / person
- Basket: 2 €
- Child seat: 5 €
- Trailer: 5 €